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Chris Batten

I chose Gettysburg Stove and Solar mainly because I like and trust the owner, George Chorba, and all his staff.  They are very positive, conscientious, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  Mr. Chorba was also willing to have my electrician install wiring, circuits and panel boxes which gave me added comfort.  They worked very well together.

The installers were efficient and particular.  Our 1848 barn roof is sagging and uneven in some places but they worked hard to make the panels level.  The clips which attached firmly to the standing seams mean the rails are attached without penetrating the roof.

And as George predicted, the electric meter began spinning backwards as soon as they system was activated!

Steve G

Started shopping around for affordable solar panels and installation company that was local and I knew of Gettysburg Stove and Solar. I spoke with three other companies and had to make a choice between two. George Chorba followed up on my interest and counter offered my other possible installation companies quote with a great rate per kilowatt, service guarantee, quick installation date and handle all the inspection and power company paperwork. The installation was seamless with power generation starting five minutes after the breaker was thrown. After three weeks of production, our power bill dropped $140. The panels are monitored through a wireless router that allows tracking of efficiency and reporting of solar production. We are looking at a 7 year payback for this investment. I would recommend this company if your looking for an easy and affordable solar system installation.

Jim & Ingrid Shandersky

Gettysburg Stove and Solar did a great job designing and installing my solar system. All of the employees were very professional and customer focused. The installers were thorough and paid attention to details. A couple of iterations were necessary to comply with local codes, the inspectors, and my existing electrical system but the team responded quickly to address the required changes. The process is not as simple as installing a door or window so be prepared for potential schedule blips in order to meet local requirements. An upgrade in panel quality was made without any up-charge due to the suggestion of one the suppliers. I have had the system operating now for approximately 3 months and it is performing to expectations. I would recommend Gettysburg Stove and Solar if you are considering a solar system.

Rose & Gerald Wilson

We were looking at installing a solar system at our house. We inquired at a local solar supplier and were told that the only serious solar installer in the area was the Gettysburg Solar Company. After calling George Chorba, the owner of the company and convincing him we were serious, we were on our way. George and his staff took care of everything. George personally came to our home, got up on the roof, and laid out a plan for our solar system. We were happy that the quote he gave us did not change, even though there were some necessary additions. We had many questions for George and his staff, and the answers to our questions were prompt and easy to understand. The installation was done by Bill and his helpers in a very professional manner. Local permits did take time and patience but, again, George and his staff took the lead and helped us through the process. Upon completion of the installation, all permits and necessary contacts had been made by Gettysburg Solar, and we were ready to turn on the system. We have not yet received our first electric bill, but in looking at the software they installed, we know we are producing solar energy daily.

If you are interested in installing solar panels, we highly recommend the staff at Gettysburg Solar Company. From our initial contact to completion of the project, they proved themselves very knowledgeable and helpful.

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