Commercial Solar Power

Commercial Solar Power

Take advantage of renewable energy for your business!

Get your solar energy solution today to improve your business and save money! Not only does solar energy reduce your overall energy costs, but it can protect you from the rising and unpredictable costs of other forms of energy.

When you call on Gettysburg Solar LLC., we will work with you closely until the completion of the installation to ensure that everything is done to your satisfaction and you get the best out of your system.

Get a FREE commercial energy audit to ensure that your business’s electric bill is as low as possible before we size a PV system. We will work with you to assess and simplify your electric needs overall. We also assist with utility paperwork.

See our installation gallery for examples of our quality service, or contact us today to get started!

How can your business benefit from solar power?

  • Solar Electric Roof Mount SystemSimple to operate, no moving parts
  • Lowers your energy costs
  • Reduces your business’s carbon footprint
  • Increases the value of your business
  • Federal income tax credits
  • Some states offer worthwhile incentives
  • Decrease your dependence on oil

We install for commercial and agricultural sectors!

Commercial Solar PanelsContact us to get started on your renewable energy solution! In addition to our professional installations, we offer financial analysis and guidance on reducing your current energy consumption. Save money and energy with help from Gettysburg Solar LLC., today!

Save energy and reduce your electric bill with solar power!

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