We were looking at installing a solar system at our house. We inquired at a local solar supplier and were told that the only serious solar installer in the area was the Gettysburg Solar Company. After calling George Chorba, the owner of the company and convincing him we were serious, we were on our way. George and his staff took care of everything. George personally came to our home, got up on the roof, and laid out a plan for our solar system. We were happy that the quote he gave us did not change, even though there were some necessary additions. We had many questions for George and his staff, and the answers to our questions were prompt and easy to understand. The installation was done by Bill and his helpers in a very professional manner. Local permits did take time and patience but, again, George and his staff took the lead and helped us through the process. Upon completion of the installation, all permits and necessary contacts had been made by Gettysburg Solar, and we were ready to turn on the system. We have not yet received our first electric bill, but in looking at the software they installed, we know we are producing solar energy daily.

If you are interested in installing solar panels, we highly recommend the staff at Gettysburg Solar Company. From our initial contact to completion of the project, they proved themselves very knowledgeable and helpful.